30 Legit Ways to Make Money with Your Phone

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Your mobile phone is beneficial for other than just scrolling through the social media feed. Below, there are 30 legit ways you can endorse to make the best use of your phone and make money.

With the advancement in technology, people around the world are finding ways to get used to the new era of development and make their lives more comfortable and peaceful. To fulfill their desires and to create a side income, earning through the phone is the best opportunity lately. You can also choose to go with the investment-making money ideas or else you can simply learn a skill and do the job without spending a penny. The below 30 ways are effectively reliable and proven for creating a handsome amount of money every month to help you get some of life’s intangibles. 

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing today is one of the familiar ways of making money. All you need to have is a well-working smartphone and a good internet connection. You can write content, articles, data entry work, and translating languages and shipping and transporting jobs too. There are many platforms like PeoplePerHour, fiver, and Upwork. You can create your profile there and find a suitable job you can easily manage on your smartphone.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing provides you with vast ways for creating a passive income stream even when you are sleeping. You can make up to $42,000 to $68,000 annually with this legit approach. It will happen when you will generate traffic and sales to the retailer’s site exclusively from your referrals. You lodge a product link in your content, website, blog, or email. Your followers will buy that product or service from your link and you will get paid a commission. 

  1. Watch Videos Online

Many websites pay a good amount for being on their site watching videos and short clips. These videos are a few seconds or last a minute and you are well paid for watching them. Despite the busy routine, anybody can take an hour or two to watch random videos on the websites until they get paid. A few of the websites that pay you for watching videos are Swag bucks, Inbox Dollars, My Points, and KashKicks.

  1. Review Products

Retailers pay good money for reviewing their products so they can make a good image for the audiences. Make a good social profile and give your honest opinions about the products you buy and add hashtags as well as mention the official sites of that product. After a while, retailers will approach you and send you their products so you can share your good opinion about them with your large number of followers and you will get paid for each sale made through your referral and of course also for your shared opinion. 

  1. Paid Surveys

Online surveys are published regularly by numerous websites. They won’t help you to get financial freedom overnight, but they can give a boost to your financial support. Your opinions on the websites do matter. They are quick and easy to do. Sign up, file a profile, and give your opinion on ads, products, services, and more. It’s that easy and simple.

  1. Get Free From Clutter

That’s a good idea to get yourself clutter-free. Create space in your house and earn money for that. See around the house, what’s not useful for you anymore. Upload a picture with a bit of description and post it to the group and pages that are helping people to buy and sell old stuff.

  1. Earn Through Downloading Apps

Many applications pay you for downloading apps. You even get extra money for referring your friend to that app and both of you will earn. While scrolling through your feed you will see multiple ads that say we are offering $$$ on downloading our app. Just before downloading make sure it’s not spam and avoid entering your account details anywhere.

  1. Online Tutor

Online tuition is the modern solution to our very modern problem pandemic. Because nobody can leave their houses but still life has to go on. Parents are looking for tutors who can solve their problems and teach their children while keeping their interests attached to their mobile screens. Though children have not seen a mobile phone other than just a playing medium but this time, it has to be different. Online teaching is not a new thing but it is more needed now.

  1. Be An Influencer

Nowadays, People find it easy to go live and talk about anything on their social media accounts, especially on Instagram and YouTube. The more people took an interest the greater the following an influencer will get. After that, an influencer will be approached by sponsors who want to market their products or services and for that, they are paid pretty well. 

  1.  Make Videos on YouTube

It’s time to demonstrate your additional abilities to the world. If you are an artist, a musician, a cook, a driver, a massager, or anything. Just keep your mobile phone live with the public on YouTube and show what you are doing., The content has to be interesting, and full of informative material so that people would like to come to you again along with their friends and colleagues the very next time. On a certain number of followers and likes on each video, you will get paid by YouTube.

  1.  Get Paid For Your Advice

Don’t get wasted. Use your opinions as a source of your income. Many people seek expert advice before taking charge of any big responsibility or before making a decision. With the help of a bunch of your own experiences, take good advantage of them and help others seek the right path for their journey. Create your profile and mention the topics that have crossed your expert level. And guide people for the sake of good and money.

  1.  Play Games To Get Earned

You might get shocked to hear that you will get paid to play games. Though playing video games is a great way to get a break from everything. Once it was just when playing games was meant to waste our time but now making money through this is something extraordinary. The Tasty Tale, Hero zero, Lord Mobile, Forge of Empires. These are a few of the games that pay you for playing after getting an escape from reality.

  1.  Create Your Playlist

You might not be a good singer. But can you create a website and add the most trendy songs of the year? The more people will download songs from your website the more you will earn money.

  1.  Online Customer Services

A single mobile phone that is quick to perform and has an internet connection that won’t betray you at the last moment is all that is required to work for the customer service department. Receive calls and file complaints. Forward them to the functional department and here’s your part of the job. Reviving your patience level is the only key to staying longer in this job because a customer is always right. 

  1.  Picture Editing

If you know about picture editing apps and you also know how to manage them then why are you draining them for no reason? Very basic edits can be made from a mobile phone. There are platforms where people want to make changes in their pictures. You can accept those proposals and make money.

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  1.  Show Off Your Best Skill And Talents

Let’s talk about the hidden talents that you were always shy to do around people. It’s the right time. You are supposed to record your things and upload them on social media. Nobody is giving you remarks on the face and you also don’t have to face them. It’s all on the internet. If you feel it is good, and people will like it, just publicize it. You can also ask for honest opinions from your friends. 

  1.  Shop With The Apps That Offer Cashback

Online shopping is so common nowadays. Almost everyone is willing to shop online instead of going to markets due to pandemics. What if we are getting money on spending money? Strange! Many shopping apps are giving a certain percentage of cashback on every purchase. Whether it’s groceries, clothes, shoes, or sanitary napkins. Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, RetailMeNot, and many others promise cashback to their customers on every purchase they make. 

  1.  Display your closet

You are a shopping lover and your closet is fully updated. Then why should you not display your closet and earn? The more people will show favoritism; the more followers you will acquire. And that’s a good thing to get attracted to sponsors, to enjoy new dresses for free, and create your referral code so that people will buy with the code and you get your commission on each sale. 

  1.  Discuss The Current Trends

New trends develop new fashions. Though everybody is interested to know about them, hardly a few already knew about them. Create a good social profile and record your trendy styles in any inspired way that is very much loved by your targeted audience. A good camera mobile phone should be fully updated with the best camera features. 

  1.  Talk About The Latest Devices

Who has got time to visit the best 10 websites to find their best match device? Exactly, nobody. Can you make time for this for the sake of $$$? One who probably has an interest in collecting knowledge about the devices that are taking the market high will tell you about the best device matching your interest. If you are one of those device lovers, then you need to know you are in demand. Open your phone camera and talk about the best devices you love; these should be the best out of all. The more people get interested in your videos, the more chances for earning big.

  1.  Talk about The Beauty Hacks

When it comes to girls and even ladies, there is no above priority other than beauty. Feminines have always been attracted to beauty and they want to find more ways to maintain their beauty and personal health. If you are a beauty expert and follow the beauty routines and they did work, you are a wonder woman with lots of hacks, and many women out there are looking for you. Share your thoughts on beauty tips and earn subscribers.

  1.  Give Life Lessons To Youth

Youth today is more connected to their devices than their parents and elders around them. These elders were our backbone and best guides. But today youth is seeking help from either YouTube or Google. If you spent years facing challenges in your youth it’s time to share your story to encourage the youth and throw light on their way to guidance. This will help a lot to face their life challenges and give them the courage to not lose hope with all of this you are getting your pockets filled.

  1.  Calm Down A Stranger

If you think your motivational talks can give hope to somebody then why should you not start giving therapy sessions on your phone? Create your profile, add your contact details here and add in your bio what you are capable of. What profession do you have and if you are holding any degree? Share the customer reviews and your success stories on your profile to gain more trust from the public and receive more calls. 

  1.  Share Your Life Events

With the bunch of experiences and lessons you get from life, teach them to people who are just about to start their life. Or you can just open your camera, go live from your public accounts and talk about how you feel about things. How offensive it is and how it can get solved. Get people’s attention and their following. Getting fame is directly proportional to getting rich. People are more interested in listening to stories than most other things. So if you have any interesting life events, share that or you can even create your own. 

  1.  Be Creative And Smart

We already talked about selling your old stuff. What if we create some new stuff and sell it into the market online? Like you have a spare jar and a rope. Spin the rope around the jar and glue it. Add some accessories that will bring out the elegance of the craft. Take pictures of it and sell it online. Even the delivery is made easily online. Else, if you are an artist, don’t let your talent go wasted. Sell your art.

  1. Everybody Needs Cleaning Hacks

Find the best and easy hacks and share them with your Instagram following and on your YouTube channel. Sitting at home during the whole pandemic, everybody is making a clear look at their rusted window and sealed doors. Untidy socks and smelly shoes. If you got any tips from your grandma it’s time to share them. Or you can even share your cleaning hacks that worked or might not work. People also need to see what’s very much useless. 

  1. Help Students In Making Assignments

Help a student do his assignment. In the online sessions, students are finding ways to escape from doing their assignments. They are even ready to spend their pocket money. Don’t miss the chance. On random social pages and also on Fiverr and Upwork students require smart people who can do their assignments on their behalf of them.

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Especially university students. Your job is to hunt such people and do the task. You can also save your money at Fiverr from Saving Says. Currently, they have listed 6+ active offers that are ready to use.

  1.  Publish Fiction/Non-Fiction Stories

Stories have always been fascinating to every age and group of people. If you are a good storyteller or you can create good documentaries on events that once took place and also the great personalities that may or may not exist. You can use this skill now. People reading your stories and leaving a positive impact will help you create a strong profile on the internet. 

  1. Photography

A DSLR is not the only moment captured. Having a phone that has got the best camera functions can also help you become a photographer at small events and places. You can practice this at small festivals and cover small gatherings. As well as tourist places. Take their pictures and before forwarding them ask for their email so you can send them a subscription email and also mail them their photographs. 

  1. Tell Stories For Kids

In this pandemic, when everything is frustrating and panicking. Kids are progressing in their studies at home and also there is no playtime outside the house. Parents need some activities for their kids that will also be educational and informative. In that case, small stories that will teach lessons and are interesting to kids as well are the need of today’s time. This will also be helpful as kids will be using their devices in some productive way other than playing games and watching cartoons.

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