8 Reasons Why You Will NEVER Regret Using Instagram for Your Small Business

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In the battlefield of the business industry, it is the objective of every entrepreneur to be widely known for commendable services, yet if that’s not enough, to be a cut above the rest.  To do that, wise business strategies must be properly utilized and valued. Social media, being an influential channel alongside technology, is considered the best zone to be in for businesses nowadays.  It is not a secret that a lot of brands have been garnering awesome advantages from bringing their offline stores online or from starting it online in the first place. What’s more, regulars and potential clients are also benefiting in many ways.  There are various social media platforms that people have been using for personal purposes but impressively, have become profitable spheres for businesses as well. One of them is Instagram. This social networking website is among those on top of the list when it comes to towering popularity, building connections and sharing buzz-worthy content. Instagram has been around for a long time now, and its prowess shows no sign of slowing down anytime as it is continually being updated and made better for users’ convenience and comfort.    Many people do not highly regard Instagram as an ideal platform to introduce and manage their online businesses. That’s probably because the giant in social media businesses, Facebook, exists and because Instagram has this image that it is mainly for art and stuff that pleases the eyes. Well, while these two reasons are not false, reconsider and look closely at Instagram as a business area. There’s more to it than you know. You will see how beneficial it actually is!  To enlighten you more about this topic, below is a list of 8 reasons why you will NEVER regret using Instagram for your small business. Read on.


Although you may know a lot of people who don’t have an Instagram account, Instagram has a huge number of active users. Statistics show that every month, there are more than a billion people actively using Instagram. That is wowing enough to magnetize entrepreneurs to take advantage of this platform’s functionality.   It is very important to be where your target audience is, and being on Instagram is one of the ways to do that. Since numerous people are using IG, why not maximize its boons for your small business? People spend hours scrolling up and down their IG timelines, giving love to posts, commenting on and sharing them too. Within their usage is a slot of chance for you to present your business to them.  If your target demographic includes teenagers to middle-aged individuals, you will meet a lot of them through Instagram. New generations are loving IG for many reasons like aestheticism and the sight of their favorite influencers. Recording from January 2021, Statista lists that users aged 25 to 34 make up 33% of Instagram’s international audiences. No doubt, IG users are limitlessly diverse; they range from students to working and nonworking adults, all with varying interests.  Among these massive active IG users is your target audience. Your business will have an edge if you take the golden opportunity that this globally famous medium offers. 


Instagram is a photo and video sharing outlet. More or less, visual content grabs attention. To be specific, photos are powerful tools you can employ through IG.  Whether or not your business is leaning on the artistic side, well-made visual content will drive interest from users. Once they tap or click and see notable and unique images, their curiosity will be incited. If you pay attention to the attractiveness of your business photos, you are emphasizing clickability, which is very essential for IG users to take the first step to knowing your brand or at least, your product first.


Though the products’ and services’ actual quality must be the priority over anything, the presentation of them also drives positive points from the audience. You will notice how online shoppers are glad to follow Instagram stores which are pleasant to the sight, chic or minimalist. Instagram showcases the entrepreneurs’ creativity in many different ways: through photos and videos, through catchy captions, through interactive IG Stories, through feed styles and through several promotion techniques. All or some of these may be more challenging than they sound, but doing your best to produce the best of these as an Instagram business will result in rewarding fruits. It doesn’t really matter if your business is about arts and designs or not at all. You can exhibit your originality and cleverness through an IG business!


When the eyes are impressed by your brand, the mind remembers. Since Instagram gives your business a visual feed, you can clearly convey your brand personality which will express your business identity and exceptionalism. Through visuals and voice you can utilize on IG, you can comprehensively introduce your brand to people. If you do well, the audience will understand the brand image you want them to perceive, and that can happen even without shoving it to their faces and repeating it all the time.  


Created primarily to amplify audience engagement, Instagram Stories are used by countless users each day. The coziness of posting something that can be viewed only for 24 hours offers a homey kind of freedom for businesses. Moreover, Instagram Stories can be used to post discount and sale announcements, to host online contests, to run giveaways and to start Q&As with the audience. They build and improve your business’ connection with customers and potential supporters. People can privately respond through IG Stories, and that sparks direct communication between you and your audience. The experience becomes more personal than when they just comment below your posts and you reply to them. 


When you are on Instagram, you will easily see the groups of individuals that share the same interests and reasons for being on the Gram. Hashtags do a great job in making the searching quest less of a hassle!  As an online business, Instagram assists you to widen your social network through showing you who’s on the same page as your business, in whatever aspect you need to know. Additionally, IG opens new communities for you. You can work with different brands to escalate your business, and you can casually interact with your target audience who have the same interest as your brand’s goals. Both will help your business grow!


Instagram keeps your knowledge of trends updated! When certain products, photography styles and taglines are currently the talk of the town, you will notice how most Instagram users are using them or engaging in them. You won’t be late when it comes to knowing what’s hot! This information will help you produce content and sell products which are in demand and in line with what’s common among people’s shopping carts! And through Instagram, your brand can become a trendsetter too. Isn’t that fantastic?! 


Some businessmen are totally focused and completely hands-on over their venture, but some have other major responsibilities to attend to as well. Many businessmen are not only businessmen but also busy parents, children, employees, students and other roles out there.  Also Read:- Write for us Technology Also Read:- technology write for us Also Read:- write for us tech You know how it is not easy to personally handle a business while taking care of other things and people. If this is a problem that you yourself bear, Instagram is always ready to lend a helping hand.  Instagram is super mobile-friendly! Actually, you may think of it as specifically designed for mobile devices rather than for desktop computers and laptops. This gives tremendous convenience because you can access your Instagram business account anytime anywhere.  Uploading content, replying to inquiries, posting IG stories and more business operations are possible regardless of whether you’re at home or not, as long as you’re connected to the Internet! Instagram is a buddy you can rely on!  _____________


If you own a small business or if you are about to open one online, Instagram is one of the instruments you should not hesitate using. The above-mentioned points just presented how being on Instagram is truly favorable for ventures, especially because this is the digital era. Just don’t forget though to always be careful when using Instagram because all online businesses are prone to cyber attacks. It’s not fresh news that many hackers are targeting online businesses for diverse purposes. As long as your business is online, you can become a victim.  To avoid the possibility, always be mindful about what you post, not giving out crucial confidential information. Identify whom you can trust. Use strong passwords, and do not upload IDs that display details which hackers can use to invade your business’ privacy. Hope it won’t happen, but in case you become a victim, owning a business insurance called cyber insurance will help you recover and work on legal actions. Secure it if you are beginning your Instagram business. Definitely, Instagram has been innovating every now and then. Its smart upgrades are among the roots of its continuing efficiency, and today, not just for personal lives but also for business aims. Instagram is already so much loved by users because it is distinct on its own, yet welcoming businesses into its realm has given people more reasons to find usefulness from Instagram. _____________ Author bio: Hello, I am a professional SEO Expert & Write for us Technology blog and submit a guest posts on different platforms- we provides a good opportunity for content writers to submit guest posts on our website. We frequently highlight and tend to showcase guests.

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