Is IoT indeed a decent field? If YES what are those emerging job opportunities?

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Believe with my words or not but the INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) has already transformed the way we look at our world. The name itself clarifies its meaning- things connected to the internet.

Are you aware of about it or still it’s new to your eye?

IoT is nothing but the interconnection of several devices with the internet through which they are allowed to share information, take actions and reduce some of the manual work of humans. It uses sensors, integrated circuits, machines, devices to connect different devices through the internet and make it available for you over your smartphones, television, or even with your digital watches.

For example, you might have seen water tank alarms; whose purpose is to alert you when your water tanks are filled, and with this alarm, you get notified and immediately switch off the device. This is nothing but a small project of IoT. However, there is no such use of the internet, though they transform the information through the cables and sensors are used to detect the water level.

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But if we look at its reputation then IoT has become a buzzword that is almost used in every industry and thus it is expanding with job opportunities now and for the future also. We know the future is all about robots, AI, and machine learning but do not forget about IoT; this is also being in the same list. As came to the implementation part then many brands have started making devices that can be monitored with our phones from any part of the world through the internet. Like LG is a well-known brand for electronics but now they’re transforming the normal devices into smart ones; indulging them with IOT technology and making them more sensible and smarter than you even can’t think. They have prepared a complete digital house that you can monitor, track and control just with your smartphone from any corner; you can control your home lights with your phone, and make it switch on or off anytime. These are just a few applications but they’re so many areas and things that have been changed with IOT and have become smarter like humans.

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Well if it comes to job opportunities- then IOT is a vast and evergreen area to go for job in present and as well for future too; and for all who are engineers or doing any of the technical course are eligible to work as an IOT expert in any of your favorite industry. There’re immense job prospects in India and as well in abroad, so if you’re planning to go in the queue then trust me, you’ll reach to heights.

How should you get started learning IOT?

The very crucial question, because you have clear with the thought that IOT is being a futuristic settle job position but to reach that what prior knowledge, course you must do, is still hidden? While searching this you might not get the right starting phase you’re looking for; but I will tell you from where and how to start.

  • IoT is still in the developing phase: it is still working over Wi-Fi, so needless to say that you must have some prior knowledge of networking from basics to intermediate.
  • Sensors and actuators are used in IoT devices so having knowledge of electronics and electrical circuits is mandatory for you.
  • IOT though has a separate coding zone, so you must be clear with the basic fundamentals of java and c. however, IoT devices can be code into python also but it depends on what the company prefers; so having prior basic knowledge and complete hands on java is mandatory so that you can easily grab the new functions. As java is a mother language and is used in every field of technology. it’s the right time to go for Java Certification and become certified .

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