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Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular and the biggest cloud platforms being used by countless companies around the globe. The size of the business does not confine its productivity. The possibilities of making it useful for your business are endless. Its benefits are not yet being utilized fully by companies using it. However, it is still a big influence on the organization to make their job easier not only in managing the projects but also in communicating securely and efficiently.

Hundreds of thousands of companies in the U.S alone are using cloud services and benefit from cloud companies’ innovative tools.

During the Covid pandemic, most companies went online, and the teams were being monitored and communicated through online service providers. Different cloud services were also doing the information-sharing.

MS Office 365 is the most efficient and basic tool for this purpose. Its already popular tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint Templates, and outlook provide it with a huge push to become the topmost cloud service for sharing information and data. MS Office 365 competes with other online communication tool teams like OneDrive and others.

Significant New Feature

MS Office 365 has many useful tools that help companies do their tasks easily and conveniently. It helps in communication and information sharing with efficiency. Still, the companies are not utilizing their full benefits. 

There are so many useful tools to fulfill the tasks that we often do not realize when MS adds the new, more innovative features in the MS Office 365 that can help us save more time and bring more efficiency into our teams. These new features help boost productivity.

A few months ago, Microsoft added some new and important updates to the MS Office 365 tools. We will go through a list of the newly added features to make you aware of how productive these tools can be to your business.

Live Transcripts in Multiple Languages

One of the best features of MS Office 365 is the automatically generated transcript. It detects the speaker and gives the live transcripts of the meeting in real-time. It knows the difference between the speakers and attributes the transcripts to different speakers according to the speech.

It is a huge time-saver and ease on your ears. When you are having a video meeting and trying to get everything that is being said there but still miss some things being said, then this feature is a life-saver and a time-saver.  

Imagine having different people from different countries in a meeting, and you do not get the accent very clearly, and it is also hard on your earn. Then pull out the automatically generated transcripts and review the meeting text anytime. Get complete knowledge of what had been discussed in the meeting and be more fruitful in your work.

It is not just limited to the English language, but it has twenty different languages. The multi-linguistic auto-generated transcripts are one the best features of MS Office 365.

Real-Time Captioning in Multiple Languages

Real-Time Captioning in Multiple Languages is another very useful tool added to MS Office 365. Similar to transcripts, real-time captioning is also available in multiple languages. Having an online meeting has become more understandable with the help of this incredible tool in terms of different languages added for your convenience.

This real-time captioning is available in more than twenty languages, including all the world’s major languages, including German, Hindi, and Japanese. This feature helps smaller businesses of different linguistics and ethnicities enhance and expand sales worldwide by closing the language barrier.

 New Operating System Readiness

Keeping all the devices updated to the same version is one of the most challenging tasks. Different PCs and mobile devices should have the same version to have the same feature on every device; otherwise, it can be a problem in communication. It also makes your devices or system vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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Another new feature added to the MS Endpoint manager is detecting which version of the operating system is being used by the device. This detection helps the organization scan all endpoints, whether on a computer or mobile device and upgrade it to the latest version.

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Microsoft 365?

Are you using all the new and old features of MS 365 to their full potential? Al Rafay MS Office 365 consulting ARC can help your company review your cloud usage and let you know what you are missing in the Microsoft Office 365 new features and make it more productive for your business.

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