MilesWeb Review – Why Use Their Reseller Hosting for Your Website

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Reseller hosting is certainly a great way to start a web hosting business. You might provide it as an add-on to your current job or services, or you could start your own hosting firm. Finding the best reseller hosting provider, on the other hand, may be time-consuming.

A good web host allows you to brand your hosting packages and allocate server resources as you see appropriate. If you are unable to fix your clients’ technological concerns on your own, it should give access to 24/7 help. Last but not least, freebies like billing software or development tools are frequently required features.

The majority of them include cPanel, numerous white-labeled tools, and other services to assist you in launching your hosting business.
One of the best web hosts in the market offering the best and cheap reseller web hosting packages is MilesWeb. The company is leading the web hosting industry for a long time. MilesWeb offers web hosting plans under shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS, cloud, and WordPress hosting.

The company is best known for the most affordable web hosting plans and the best service in the market. To date, the company has 39032 customers globally, and the number is increasing exponentially. 

MilesWeb sells multiple plans under Linux and Windows reseller hosting. You can resale multiple resellers hosting plans, including limitless white-label cPanel accounts.

MilesWeb’s reseller plans include the popular Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) for customer billing solutions. 

MilesWeb is an excellent choice for resellers that host small enterprises and other organizations with simple websites. You can effortlessly provide hosting for these customers while benefiting from MilesWeb’s affordable price.

The reason I recommend MilesWeb for folks hosting smaller sites is that if you host something with a lot of traffic, you’ll rapidly exhaust the server resources. According to MilesWeb, a large e-commerce site is usually better suited to a VPS or dedicated server. MilesWeb provides such hosting, but not for resellers.

With MilesWeb reseller hosting, you also don’t have as much control over the server. Of course, if your clients don’t want anything special, you won’t need to mess with the backend at all.

MilesWeb does the majority of the IT job for you, providing you with an uncluttered administration interface that allows you to execute tasks with a few clicks. WHM allows you to monitor your sites, change your cPanel branding, and manage all of your users.

MilesWeb is one of the most rapidly growing hosting resellers. It has lightning-fast website loading rates as well as a Turbo speed function. You may also rely on skilled assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help your clients’ technical questions.

MilesWeb guarantees 99.95% uptime, so you’ll be able to provide excellent service to your clients. You may manage their accounts using the simple Web Host Manager (WHM). It also allows you to apply your own branding and assign server resources in any way you see fit. MilesWeb is known for best domain hosting Singapore.

Among the other features are:

  • Free Account transfer
  • SSL certificates for free
  • Choice to select server location
  • Software for billing (WHMCS)
  • Automatic backups

Reasons to Use MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting for Your Website

  • MilesWeb Provides Full Server Control

Managing disc space is feasible with MilesWeb’s reseller plans, which let you monitor and manage all aspects of your website. It also offers the advantages of increased space at a low cost and simple upkeep. Other improvements include bandwidth restrictions, enhanced disc storage control, and so forth. Businesses can profit from this since it allows them to keep their websites available when needed without compromising disc space.

  • Unlimited Website Hosting

Each Linux reseller hosting plan allows you to establish a fixed number of cPanel accounts. A single cPanel account may host many domains. There are no restrictions on how many Subdomains and Add-on Domains you may add to a single cPanel account.

  • White-labeled Hosting

MilesWeb does not want to be a barrier between you and your clients, which is why all reseller packages include a totally white-labeled hosting solution. The entire white label system conceals your merchant business from your customers, allowing you to sell things under your own brand name.

  • Free Website Builder

A free website builder provided by MilesWeb allows you to make a website in two simple steps: drag and drop. You and your clients may develop a great website without any coding or programming knowledge by simply inserting material into the available themes.

  • One-Click Installer

Softaculous’ one-click installer offered by MilesWeb allows you to install over 400 software, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, in only a few clicks. These programs may be installed by you and your clients in a matter of seconds.

  • MilesWeb’s Inexpensive Reseller Hosting Plans

MilesWeb’s hosting packages offer an abundance of resources while reducing costs to a minimum. When compared to other hosts, MilesWeb provides services at a reduced cost. Furthermore, you spend without any pricey servers, such as dedicated servers. Also, you do not need to engage highly expensive professionals to manage server tasks since MilesWeb will handle all of these requirements.

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Under the reseller hosting category, the firm provides Micro, Startup, Grow, and Expand plans. The Micro plan costs Rs. 396 per month, the Startup plan costs Rs. 704 per month, the Grow plan costs Rs. 1,320 per month and the Expand plan costs Rs. 1, 936 per month.

Reseller hosting is an appealing business approach because it allows for a great deal of flexibility. MilesWeb’s reseller hosting surely attracts a diverse clientele providing a wide range of plans and services at an inexpensive cost.

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