The Mysterious Origin Of Charoite

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It is well said by someone that Nature is one of the greatest architects in the universe. One such phenomenal creation of this Architecture is Charoite Gemstone. Charoite Gemstone is one of the most phenomenal pieces of Gemstone available in the market today. It is both rare and expensive. So today we will update ourselves with every piece of information related to Charoite Gemstone and its Jewelry. We will also know about the Origin of Charoite Gemstone, its composition, its look, etc. So let’s not waste more time and begin now!

What is the Origin of Charoite Gemstone?

Well, the reason behind Charoite being expensive and rare is because of its high natural origin. Charoite is one of the most phenomenal creations of Nature. It is formed due to a process of metamorphism. There is only one popular source of Charoite Gemstone in the world i.e Chara River, Sakha Republic, Russia. Russia has always been a strong nation and is very possessive about its resources. That’s why Russia controls the production of Charoite Gemstone so that it doesn’t lose its value in the market. It sustains the future of Charoite and makes itself hold its High value in the market. By composition, it is composed of Limestone and also due to chemical reactions it changes its color to deep Violet or purple.

Is Charoite a Birthstone Jewelry?

Well, Charoite isn’t a naturally mined Gemstone but is formed due to the metamorphosis of Limestone in the Chara River and that’s why it is not Birthstone Jewelry. However, it is popular for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Scorpio. It is believed that wearing these fashionable pieces of Charoite Gemstone Jewelry can enhance your lifestyle completely. So let’s begin now!

What are the benefits of Wearing Charoite Gemstone Jewelry?

Charoite Gemstone Jewelry is a very beneficial Gemstone if one is ready to change their life into a better one. It helps you in the transformation of you as a person. It is beneficial in adapting new and productive habits and avoiding negative energies and thoughts. Charoite Gemstone also has an impact on your heart and mind. It increases or enhances your intuitions and helps you sense problems before their arrival and take better calls depending on that. Also, it helps you have the strength to go on your gut feeling and do what you feel is right for you. So Charoite Gemstone Jewelry helps a person in becoming more creative and refreshed.

Also, it is one of the best healers in case of problems like insomnia. People who feel it is hard to sleep and stay awake the whole night should try wearing Charoite Gemstone to have better control of thoughts and emotions.

Charoite Gemstone as a Jewelry!

So yes Charoite is a great Gemstone but is it a good option for Gemstone Jewelry? Let’s understand this now. Well understand the hardness of Charoite Gemstone, so it is not that hard and strong. It has a value ranging from 5-6 only on Mohr’s Scale. This makes it a very delicate piece of Gemstone Jewelry and isn’t very durable in the form of a Charoite Ring. Rings are worn daily and that’s why Charoite isn’t preferable for that. But for other Occasional Gemstone Jewelry like Charoite Necklaces, Charoite Pendants, etc these work in a great way.

Sterling Silver adds more Style to Charoite Gemstone!

Yes, the use of standard 925 Sterling silver makes Charoite Gemstone glow more. It makes you look more stylish and glamorous. Both Charoite and Sterling Silver complement each other’s Beauty in a very elegant way. That’s why Charoite Jewelry is one of the most classic Gemstone Jewelry today. It has got its separate class and league attached to it. Also Sterling Silver has the following benefits hidden in it-

  • Sterling silver is much more long-lasting than simple Gold Jewelry.
  • Sterling silver collections are much more mesmerizing and fashionable.
  • Sterling silver fits into the common man’s budget and doesn’t trouble your pocket much.

So now let’s show you some of the best collections of Charoite Jewelry!

Mesmerizing Collections of Charoite Jewelry!

Charoite Rings – Charoite Rings are one of the most amazing and impactful Rings in the market. Charoite has such an amazing look that it leaves a beautiful trace on everyone’s mind. Wearing a Charoite Ring will always make a good impression and helps you have a better style.

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Charoite Earrings – Women these days love to wear astonishing pieces of Earrings which can enhance the beauty of their attire. Charoite Earrings are the perfect one in such cases. Charoite has a very elegant look which makes women look more glamorous and stunning.

Charoite Bracelets – The trend of wearing new kinds of Jewelry is on high as everyone wants to look special and unique. Charoite gives liberty to you as it has an unbeatable look Whereas Bracelets provide you with a unique appearance. For Professional purposes, one should look for a Simple Bracelet with Embedded Charoite which can help you maintain the decorum of the office as well as allow you to have a great look.

Charoite Pendants – Charoite Pendants with beautiful designs of Sterling Silver Jewelry are one of the finest picks in today’s generation. Pendants are comfortable and easy to carry daily. It is highly popular among the Wins category as it makes them look more ravishing.

But while buying this precious Gemstone Jewelry one should always be very aware and careful. One can easily get fooled by fake Gemstones as they are very hard to distinguish. That’s why Whenever you decide to buy a valuable piece of Gemstone Jewelry do make sure that seller is authorized and genuine. Rananjay Exports is one such amazing place for you in case of Gemstone Jewelry. They are amongst the top Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers in the market today. They have gained the trust of thousands of customers across the globe. When it comes to Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry they are best in terms of customer satisfaction and quality of Gemstone Jewelry.

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