Things You Should To Know About Uber Clone App

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In this modern world, every business is online. From laundry business to groceries, the internet has given leverage to every business out there. It helps them to grow online and scale up digitally.

The same goes for booking a taxi with a tab on your mobile app to help you travel. 

You must have heard about Uber, being one of the most reputed successful cab booking applications in the market. But this blog isn’t about just singing all praises about the Uber app, we are here to settle your concerns.

Have you ever wondered to start your own next multi-million-dollar Cab booking company?

Don’t be scared, everything is possible if you believe in yourself! 

Before you start developing a cab booking application, here’s what you should know about the Uber clone app.

Uber Clone App Features 

Your Uber clone app must consist of 3 application layouts. Let’s find out here about them below: 

  1. Customer Application
  2. Driver Application
  3. Admin Panel 

Customer Applications

  • Easy Registrations: The first time a user downloads your application, they should get redirected to the registration page. The registration page has to be simple and easy so that they can register themselves on your app quickly.
  • Quick Booking: Once they register, you can now redirect them to the booking page. This will help them book their ride and get started quickly.
  • Schedule Ride: You can also add the “schedule a ride” feature to your application. When there are no cabs available in their location, this will allow them to schedule a ride in advance. It will also save them valuable time, especially during meetings.
  • Live Tracking: After the customers have booked their ride, the app should display the live tracking details of the cab. This will help customers know how much time the cab is going to take to arrive at their pickup location. It will also guide the cab driver to take an alternate route in heavy traffic.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Always provide multiple payment options like Mobile App payment and other online payment methods, along with COD – cash on delivery.
  • Rate & Feedback: The customers must have an option to rate and offer feedback on the ride. This will help you understand how satisfied customers are and how well your cab drivers are performing during the ride.

Drive Applications

  • Easy Login: The login process should be easy enough for the drivers as well. Not all drivers are tech-friendly. So make sure the login process is easy and help them started as quickly as possible.
  • Make Profile: Once they login to the drive application, now they need to register themselves for the application. Add inputs like Name, D.O.B, address, and identification number to get them registered to your company officially.
  • Alert of Ride: Add an alert feature for receiving alerts on the driver screen as they receive a ride request from the customers. Add a pop-up option with a sound effect, so that they will receive an alert of the ride instantly.
  • Accept or Reject: Provide drivers with an option to accept or reject the ride when they get an alert. This will give drivers the choice to choose a ride of their choice and not accepting rides that are far from them. 
  • Real-Time Track: The drivers’ application should also have a real-time track feature to track the live location of the customer. Even if the customer changes his or her location, the driver can use real-time tracking to see the customer’s present location. 
  • Daily Earning Reports: There should be a Daily Earning reports tab for the driver where all these daily ride earnings should show up. This is going to motivate the driver to take more rides and get inspired by seeing the earning report that he will be making.

Admin Panel Applications

  • Powerful Dashboard: Admin panel must consist of a powerful dashboard that is going to display all the sections like User management, Driver management, Fare management, Multiple vehicles management, and analytical reports.
  • User management: The user management section panel should be there in your admin panel. It will keep a track of all the users who have come till now and who will be coming in the future to work with you as your business partner.
  • Driver Management: The driver management section panel will store the drivers’ information. It will maintain a record of the drivers who have worked with you in the past and the drivers working presently with you. This section is going to keep a track of everything related to cab driver’s information.
  • Fare Management: This section is going to display the stats and graphs related to the fare of the ride. Admins can use this tool to improve their targets by analyzing the data of previous fares to increase and manage their future goals.
  • Multiple Vehicles Management: This is the most important section, as most of the entrepreneurs are going to put over 2-3 vehicles in your company. Keeping a separate tab for each vehicle showcases good signs of management.

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  • Analytical reports: It is going to display all the charts and stats of the reports which a business owner needs to analyze their returns on investment. This section must comprise stats like the number of rides, time taken for each ride, the average fare of each ride, and trips accepted or rejected by the driver. 

This section is going to help the owner analyze how to improve the business and get the maximum return on investments.


Businesses take time to grow. You need to invest a lot of your time, energy, and money to realize some growth. In fact, in starting days you might not catch any growth at all.

Remember, if it was easy everyone would do it. It hard and that makes it great.

Starting days of the business are tough, as you are competing with some of the biggest brands in your field. Give time and follow the right tactics to grow your business. Update your Uber clone app and keep adding new features to keep the customers satisfied. 

The key to success in any business is customer satisfaction. Work on your application and business to improve your customer satisfaction and they will recommend you for sure.

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