Utilizing Discord for Marketing Your NFTs – A Guide

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Marketing in general deals with more strategies than the actual work. In the case of NFTs, it even involves educating the general public about it. Although there are a lot of ways by which information on non-fungible tokens reaches the world, personalized updates can generate more NFT enthusiasts and there is no better way than utilizing an instant messaging application such as Discord. Initially a platform for gamers, Discord attracted NFT enthusiasts due to its unique features and the presence of people embracing such new advancements. 

What are Discord’s Some Unique Features?

Discords boast of having a unique user interface, in contrast to other messaging platforms. There is a lot more on Discord apart from the regular text, voice, and video facilities. Some of the features that make a difference include servers, channels, and bots.

Although servers are similar to groups on other such platforms, the servers offer a rather generous 1 million-member limit, thus ensuring that your NFT business can contain a lot of members without the need to start a second group. Channels are an incorporated feature into servers where one can dedicate a separate interface for different topics – such as customer queries, potential quotes, updates, and more.

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This helps the server to look clutterless both for the administrators and the members so that relevant information gets passed on to those in need. Bots can be employed in these channels to initiate conversations, wish and help new members around the server and even solve some basic customer queries if programmed into a chatbot. Also, they can perform administrative tasks such as banning people who promote misinformation and hate speech.

How can a NFT Firm Market on Discord?

As NFTs are relatively a novel concept gaining traction, it is important to educate people about what NFTs really are and the future and value they possess. As a business dealing with NFTs, it is essential to do so while promoting your NFT products as a group without any knowledge of a product would not invest in it. With Discord, it even becomes easier as other social media platforms are in the grey regarding the restrictions associated with NFTs while being an option where one can easily reach out to individuals. Using dedicated channels, one can promote their NFTs, answer customer queries, resolve customer tickets, host interactive sessions or AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, and even host voice and video calls to promote your NFTs more lively. 

Some Ideas on Effectively Using Discord for NFT Marketing

As Discord is not much omnipresent among the world’s smartphone users and as it does outrightly support any marketing strategies by not having a business version of the platform, it is important to frame your plans accordingly to promote your NFT business. One can utilize Discord for marketing in many ways, which are given below.

  • Create a Server for Your Business: You can easily create a server on Discord in a few easy steps. With such an exclusive server comes exclusive benefits, just like how your website benefits you. Adding various categories would benefit both the ends as members can get the information they require easily if everything is properly categorized. 
  • Setting Up a Store: Although the much anticipated Storefront from Discord did not materialize, you can still manage your NFT business by a dedicated admins-only channel, where you can give out updates, get daily analysis and sales through bots and more.
  • Sending Out Invites: Without an audience or a user base, there is no interaction, which means your business on NFTs really would not take off. To resolve this problem, you can create an invitation link and post it on your other social media platforms and on your site. This way, you can ensure that your Discord server gains enough attention before starting to let out any crucial information. 
  • Posting Insightful and Interesting Content: A server aiming at boosting its NFT products cannot achieve the same if they do not post attractive content regularly as people forget such inactive groups as time goes by. Ensure that you post relevant content in each channel (if you have multiple channels for art NFTs, sporting NFTs and the like), and also be sure that the posted content impresses the users. Content which is attractive on the outside and informative on the inside garners more user attention and subsequent engagement. By being regular on doing that, you can even generate potential leads with enough interaction.
  • Updating and Interacting Regularly: Giving out regular updates on your NFT business such as records and new launches, you can easily gather the attention of members. This way, people who had joined by accident could even get interested in your NFTs. Also, interacting regularly with your members with a humanly attitude is a powerful marketing tactic that increases viewer engagement and even prospective buyers.
  • Collecting Data and Plan Accordingly: Server admins can collect analytic data pertaining to their servers, enabling businesses to devise future marketing plans for your NFT business Discord server.
  • Hosting Various Events: To increase member engagement in your server, you can organize a variety of events ranging from quizzes, games, polls to even giveaways. This encourages users to feel as if they are a part of your business family, which ensures good relations and sales.

A Final Note

After seeing all the benefits of Discord marketing for your NFT business and if you are planning to utilize Discord as a marketing weapon, you would just need to approach a marketing agency who expertise in Discord marketing for NFTs. Such a firm can ensure that your campaign on Discord gets successful both in terms of generating buyers as well as increasing popularity for your NFT brand.

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