What are the core responsibilities of NetSuite administrator?

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A NetSuite administrator is the most important professional in any kind of NetSuite team. The main role that they need to play on a day to day basis is to configuring and maintaining NetSuite so that the company using the NetSuite software components can enhance their workflow as well as achieve business goals in a smooth and efficient manner.

The core roles and responsibilities of the NetSuite administrator require him or her to be extremely versatile in approach, thereby combining the traits of a highly skilled technician with those of a confident business owner. Business firms and software development companies in India are always looking for professionals who can make use of the native tools that come with NetSuite to create, design, integrate as well as maintain superior performing dashboards which can be easily tailored to suit their specific needs.    

Core responsibilities of a NetSuite administrator

The solutions offered by the professionals excelling in Netsuite development services can be used for making sure that the backend operations always function correctly. They can also help in creating an easily accessible dashboard that is both customizable and user-friendly. Along with this, they can definitely provide with ongoing technical support that can be extremely helpful in more ways than one. This can also help the business entity to have a solid grasp over the various trends that affect the whole industry. Professional NetSuite administrators may have to often deal with situations that are high on pressure and rather hectic. Therefore they also should have sufficient soft skills that can help them to deal with problems in a stable and efficient manner. The NetSuite administrator that you hire for your business should also be able to communicate with your team in an efficient manner.

Educational background for a NetSuite Administrator

A reliable and efficient NetSuite Administrator should have a number of different skill sets that can help in performing all kinds of work associated with this position. For instance, they should have a technical background along with business and/or financial degrees that can help them to understand the business side of things.

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Most of the NetSuite Administrators that are able to find work for themselves have a degree in Computer Science which is followed by an accounting degree. Sometimes the professional associated with this professional may have other educational degrees such as Business Administration, Economics and Finance.

Skills that every NetSuite Administrator should have

Here is a list of skills that every NetSuite Administrator needs to have in order to succeed in this profession. 

  • Experience and knowledge needed for overseeing NetSuite implementation, integration and testing
  • The ability to perform and implement NetSuite updates
  • The technical skill of supporting data import migration and process
  • Ability to provide technical support for the on-going systems within the NetSuite system
  • The ability to create customizations and configurations of NetSuite for meeting the business needs
  • Complete specialization with the NetSuite ERP system along with previous experience in NetSuite CRM and NetSuite ecommerce
  • A strong sense of familiarity with NetSuite dashboard so that it is possible to provide the users with all kinds of relevant KPIs and reports 
  • In depth understanding of billing, A/R, payments, revenue recognition, general ledger, planning, reporting and audits 

Benefits of having a skilled NetSuite administrator

When you are looking to find a professional NetSuite administrator, who is skilled at working with the Netsuite CRM and the NetSuite ERP, it is very important that you select one who has the right kind of educational background along with the requisite industry experience as this can enable him or her to perform the tasks that they are supposed to. A skilled and efficient NetSuite administrator can help your business to get the most out of the NetSuite program and also enhance the overall performance of your enterprise in important ways. This can also help you to have the desired competitive advantage that you always wanted. 

The skills and knowledge that are described above are fundamental for any NetSuite administrator to succeed in this field. So when you are planning on hiring the expertise of a professional who can handle your NetSuite administration requirements, make sure to check out that he or she has got these specific skill sets.

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