4 Finest WordPress Google Review Plugins That Fit Your Budget Perfectly

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This is 2023 and gradually more and more businesses are going online and creating their brand website. Thus, for creating a dynamic website without the load of coding, one of the preferred CMS platforms is WordPress. As of 2023, it is found in the study of W3Techs that 45.8% of the website on the internet is made using WordPress.

But have you ever thought about how you can grow your website and build trust among your potential customers? For that, you can utilize all the positive Google reviews of your business. So, when you display Google reviews on WordPress website there is a high chance your potential customers will trust you more, and thus their trust in your brand will make them buy from you.  

The question may come to your mind how this can be possible? 

Google is known as the search engine giant and the reason is quite convincing because as per Demand Sage, 8.5 billion people visit this platform every day. All the reviews of the businesses on Google play a very crucial role in making buying decisions for customers. Google reviews work as great social proof for your brand that will hugely attract your potential customers.  

If you are looking for some of the best WordPress plugins to embed Google reviews on your website then you are at the right place. This article will introduce you to some of the best Google review plugins for WordPress. 

Hook to this article till the end to know about each of them. 

4 Budget-Friendly WordPress Google Review Plugins Need To Consider This 2023

There are ample WordPress plugins available in the market but if you are looking for those that will not burn out your pocket that can be overwhelming. But along with the budget, it is also important that the plugin works best for your website. 

So, to make it less hectic and confusing for you this article has curated a list of some of the top-performing and budget-friendly Google review WordPress plugins for you to choose from. 

Let’s get into the list of plugins without doing much.

  1. Tagembed 

The first Plugin on this curated list to show the best Google review widget on WordPress is the Tagembed. It is a dynamic and prominent tool in the market which is the popular choice of businesses and marketers today. 

Tagembed is a great aggregator tool that has the ability to collect, curate, and embed more than 20 popular social media platforms and of course also from prominent review platforms like Google review. This is a totally code-free platform and comes with multiple advanced customization features that help users create well-designed widget to display Google reviews on WordPress. 

Tagembed lets users choose themes, layouts, font sizes, font colors, card styles, and many more from a variety of great choices. In this way, you can update the whole look and feel of the widget and set it as per the preferred style of the website. Tagembed lets you update the content of the websites automatically and instantly. The best feature of this tool is that users can choose to hide content as per their choice which is irrelevant. The robust analytics feature lets you track the performance of widget after their integration into the website. 


Talking about the pricing Tagembed has a free plan and other than that it has other 4 pricing plans that are very affordable and range from $19 per month to $59 per month. 

  1. WP Customers Reviews 

The second Google Review WordPress plugin in the list to fit your budget is the WP Customers Reviews. This is a great tool that also lets customers leave their review through a page on the website which you can set up with the help of this plugin. 

There is a possibility that you sometimes receive great Google reviews but sometimes they are not up to the mark. So, this tool helps you to choose the reviews that you want to show on the website and the reviews to hide. This plugin comes with the ability to restrict the spam bot from sending fake reviews through anti-spam measures. 

You can display the Google review widget on WordPress smoothly using the shortcode. This tool also comes with the customization option to design a great Google review widget for the WordPress website. 


This WordPress plugin is also quite affordable for the users. Its pricing plan starts from $29 per year to $149 per year. 

  1. Embed Social 

The third excellent Google reviews plugin for your WordPress plugin is Embed Social. This tool helps you show the best user-generated content like images, posts, and even reviews on your website seamlessly. Embed Social helps you to aggregate the best reviews from Google on your website. 

This tool has a responsive design that helps website owners to improve the experience of the users enhancing the readability of the website. Embed Social helps to automatically update website content with time. This also offers the users with a good customization option to design the widget to match the look and feel of the website. You also have the option to choose the layout from a variety of designs. 


First of all, it comes with a 7-day free trial. And the most popular plan of this tool is $29 per month. 

  1. WP Business Reviews

Another dynamic Google reviews plugin in this curated list is the WP Business Reviews. This tool seamlessly showcases the top reviews from the best review sites including Google Reviews. 

This plugin lets you collect reviews from different ones at a time in a single widget. Also, you can collect all the reviews from just one review platform as per your preference. The best feature this plugin provides is that you can cut out all the irrelevant reviews from reviews. You can present the Google review widget on WordPress beautifully using the best layout of your choice. Also, you can directly search for the format directly from the dashboard of WordPress and organize your reviews.  


Its pricing is a little higher than other plugins in the list. Its plan starts from $49 per year. It also comes with customized pricing where users can contact businesses to know the pricing according to their needs. 

Ending Note

It is very important and hassle as well to select a plugin that comes with good features and pricing. This article has told you about some of the best plugins to display Google reviews on WordPress. 

It covers each of their features and pricing which help you to choose the best one. Take your time to go through each of them and decide which one will bring the best result to your business and also suit your budget.

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