5 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android

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Virtual Reality (VR) offers the simulated reality which everyone adores. On mobile devices, VR applications provide a mesmerizing experience. People presume that they have to spend a hefty amount to purchase VR headsets to visualize the other dimension. But it is not what they think. You can make your own VR glasses using ordinary cardboard by watching the DIY tutorials.

Virtual reality is a visual stimulation accomplished by the use of a simulation-based fictitious world. It takes the user to the new another world, out of this dimension. They feel the new environment around them instead of watching something in the front.

Currently, many android development services providing VR app development for smartphones. This write-up will list some of the popular yet interesting applications available on the Google Play Store that can give you another perspective of the third dimensional, virtually simulated world. Without looking here and there, let’s get started with it.

  1. Within

For taking the first step in the virtual world, ‘Within’ is an excellent option to start with. All the creators from the globe upload showcase their immersive VR content here, which a user can enjoy at any moment they want. There are various VR video categories. From educational documentaries to fictional movies, you can find a variety of content. The application also has an experimental section that shows some hallucinatory videos to take you to another universe. If you are the person who likes to watch videos, then Within is the app for you. The experience is totally worth it to check out once.

Key Highlights

  • An app consists of a library that includes hundreds of VR games and videos.
  • You can relish the short movies, documentaries, animal survival videos, and more content based on 360° viewing angles.
  • The creators who upload their content in this cinematic VR app are very professional in their fields.
  • From the application’s online sources, you can also stream the live 360° videos.
  • For children, there are some funny and interactive animal games available.
  • The exciting thing is that it is free of cost to download and contains no annoying advertisements to ruin your digital experience.
  1. Cardboard

Cardboard is the one in all complete package for gaining the engaging VR experience. It is an application from Google so that you can expect a high-quality level with stable versions. The app is very much compatible with the VR boxes. In the library section, you can save various VR apps from the Cardboard store. New applications daily get updated here so you can discover new thrill every day.

Key Highlights

  • There is an availability of a QR code scanner for the user’s convenience.
  • There are several virtual reality apps available in the app free of cost and some demo versions.
  • You can enjoy several 360° videos and pictures from the phone’s storage on the big screen.
  • The application also supports LAN connectivity to let you play video games with your friends and companions.
  • In the Cardboard store, the number of VR games and apps are hundreds in number.
  1. YouTube VR

There is no much explanation required to give people an idea about YouTube. Everyone knows it very well. But YouTube also encompasses the VR functionality, which many of us were not aware of it up till now. The platform has the integrated VR 180° and 360° angles to give the user out of the box experience. You do not need any unique application to view videos. A usual YouTube account or YouTube Premium is all you need. The user interfaces tangle things sometimes, but most of the time, it works well without any issue. It becomes the obvious choice for everyone as Generation Z is addicted to YouTube like never before.

Key Highlights

  • The android tube transforms the VR videos from the content creator channels.
  • With the use of VR cardboard, you can visualize the VR video in the theatre mode.
  • While enjoying the immersive virtual environment, a user can give voice commands to perform searches.
  • You can view and search videos in the app simultaneously.
  • The sound you get from the app is very crisp, making you feel that you are sitting in the movie theatre.
  • There is also a possibility to switch the keyboard language and select voice command.
  1. InCell VR

VR-based games are in their primitive stages, but InCell VR has something exciting for its users. It is a gamified educational application for the students and kids to learn about the human body more interactively. The user plays the role of a human defender who goes inside the living body. Their task is to fight the flu and other harmful viruses while learning some biological aspects of a body. The graphics, sound, controls, and everything is on point in an app.

There is also a non-VR mode which you can enable by holding fingers down on display.

  1. Sisters

For keeping you on edge, ‘Sisters’ is another VR game of the horror genre. The game concept is on the ghost story where you have to spend a dark night in the house all alone and investigate what happened to your aunt. While progressing in the night full of fear, you will realize that you are not alone actually. There is someone in the house who did not like your presence.

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The game graphics and controls are developed while keeping the Google Cardboard and other VR headsets in mind. There are scary painted walls in the game, which you can look at by moving your head. There are also many interaction points allowing a user to know about things. So, if you are looking for something horror to experience in the virtually simulated world, then ‘Sister’ can serve this purpose very effectively.

  1. VaR’s VR Video Player (Bonus)

It is the VR video player with unmatched and unparalleled performance compared to other VR players. Against competitors, the download number of this virtual video player is on the top. The app’s configuration and setup process are also not complex tasks. You can easily adjust viewing angles according to your preference.

For gaining the mesmerizing virtual experience, your android phone should have this video player app. It also includes auto-generation of content to suggest user videos based on their liking.

Key Highlights

  • The app includes two types of video mode, the normal mode, and the stereo mode.
  • You can change the control system in the immersive mode as per your interest.
  • The app’s browser gives the user a thumbnail viewing mode of any video before downloading it.
  • You do not need to download subtitles files additionally as it automatically detects without any selection.
  • The user has control over the parameters like lens correction and adjusting the field of view.
  • Saturation, brightness, color mode, contrast, and other parameters are also fully controllable.

What’s More

The leader in this innovative Virtual Reality league is Google with its Cardboard app without a second thought. It is one of the best apps to kick start your mobile VR experience.

However, the technology is still evolving, and the future is expected full of surprises. VR is becoming the center of attraction gradually. Hold your breath to see what comes next.

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