All You need to know about the extended warranty of HP laptops

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As per a recent report, sales of HP notebooks rose by 17.6% in the Q2 of 2020. Various other HP laptop models have also been in high demand recently, indicating their widespread popularity. The reliable and stylish build, with impressive processor quality and user-friendly interface, makes HP one of the most-demanded laptop manufacturing companies across the world, including India.

Even so, like any other electronic device, these laptops are also susceptible to breakage, technical malfunctioning, and other functional glitches. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for users to go for a warranty check of HP laptops to safeguard their devices from any unforeseen accidents financially. 

Before buying any such plan, individuals need to know what an extended warranty for laptop covers to leverage its benefits.

What is HP extended warranty coverage?

Typically, HP laptops accompany a standard 1-year warranty period that activates from the day of purchasing a device with an original invoice. However, individuals can also opt for extended warranty coverage that ranges between 1 and 3 years.

It allows them to claim for a servicing or replacement of any part of hardware after the standard warranty period is over. Depending on the product specification and type of warranty plan chosen, the cost is determined. 

Moreover, HP laptop buyers can go for a warranty check of HP laptops simply by visiting the manufacturer’s official website. All they need to do is select for auto-detection of the damaged laptop or enter the laptop’s serial number and product number to view the warranty period and its validity.

One of the primary differences between HP standard and extended warranty scheme is that the first one does not include accidental damage protection, whereas the latter includes such services. This extended warranty for laptop is crucial as repairing or replacing these devices is costly and can strain one’s budget significantly. However, they first need to know the claim procedure to make the most of this plan.

How to claim for warranty services?

HP offers on-site warranty services along with self-servicing options. Users can contact the HP customer support service directly over call and share device details like serial number, product number, etc.

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Next, users need to explain the issue and follow the technician’s instructions. If the self-service does not work, HP also offers an on-site warranty plan where an authorised technician will visit a user and resolve any issues identified immediately.

Alternatively, if any damage is irreparable and requires replacement of any particular component, HP will deliver such manufactured component to that buyer’s address and guide for a proper replacement. In any case, individuals need to go for a warranty check of HP laptop before proceeding to ensure suitable resolution within validity.

However, in case any damage is beyond repair and renders a laptop useless, individuals would need to replace such device and purchase a new one. In such cases, they can take help of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to convert the expense of buying a new laptop into easily payable No-Cost EMIs from the card’s limit.

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As for warranty extension, besides going for a warranty check HP, individuals also need to know exclusions under an HP warranty plan before proceeding to claim. For any irreparable damage, they must either opt for a component replacement or go for a new laptop purchase altogether to ensure unhindered use.

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