Thank you, Tesla, Electric Vehicles are Going to Change the World

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Technology is rapidly evolving as more and more research and development is undertaken in the realm of electric vehicles. Gone are the days of gas-guzzling cars dominating the roads. The ecosystem for electric cars is already being implemented in several developed countries, and several car manufacturers are shifting to the new method. To understand the impact of electric vehicles we first need to understand how they work and how they came to be.

History of Electric Vehicles

The invention of the Electric Vehicle is attributable to several people in the 1830s. They include Ányos Jedlik, Robert Anderson, and Christopher Becker. The problem with these early models was of course their rudimentary architectures, as well as non-rechargeability. Though novel at the time, the technology never took off back then. With this legacy, as the technology of automobiles as well as batteries improved so did the humble electric vehicle.

How do they work?

The basic functioning of an electric vehicle such as an electric train or tram is that it directly receives power through overhead electrical wires. In electric cars, chargeable batteries are kept in the car to provide it power. These batteries recharge themselves when they are plugged into a power grid. The main parts of an electric motor include the engine which converts the power in order to turn the wheels, the inverter which converts alternating current to direct current, and the drivetrain that delivers power to the wheels, and the batteries and charging module. The most popular type of battery used in electric vehicles is a Li-Ion or Lithium-ion style battery. Other battery types include Lithium Polymer (Li-Po), Molten Salt (Na-Nicl2), Lithium Sulphur (Li-S), and Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh).

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Types of Electric Vehicles

Plug-in Battery Electric Vehicle: This is a vehicle that runs entirely on a rechargeable battery. These are heavily reliant on electric power and have very large and bulky battery systems.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles: These vehicles are a hybrid in the sense that they also use fuel as a source of power. Vehicles of this category also run on rechargeable batteries using fuel combustion for added power or efficiency. This helps save a little on weight and does not often consume much fuel.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: These are truly fuel combustion engines, however, they use a little bit of electric power as a means to boost efficiency and power. Such vehicles consume a lot of fuel but don’t need to be plugged into a power grid. They passively recharge their batteries using dynamos that convert the wheel revolutions into power.

What’s the difference?

An important question comes up in our mind when we go “Oh sure that’s cool tech, but how’s it different from what we already have?”. This question is very relevant to less tech-savvy and curious citizens of the world. Firstly due to the reliance on electric power, these electric vehicles are able to cut down on the consumption of fossil fuels which are already very expensive and becoming a scarce entity. Secondly, it’s being seen that electric vehicles are being able to run better than gas vehicles. The rides are smoother and quieter due to less engine rumbling and noises from the combustion. All of this translates to a more comfortable ride and a better experience for the driver.

Let’s save the environment!

The adoption of electric vehicles has opened the path for us to look to improving the status of our environment. Years and years of using fossil fuels have caused an irreparable amount of damage to the Earth. Electric vehicles with their zero emissions are a direct counter to air pollution, of which on-road vehicles are some of the biggest contributors globally. Sure, it is fair to claim that the electricity powering these vehicles is still going to be created from burning coal or fuel, the difference here is that we have already started the transition to cleaner and more efficient sources of electricity. Nuclear power plants, hydro energy, thermal energy, and wind energy are all popular sources of energy generation that have a hugely superior environmental footprint. In this way, electric vehicles are going to help us save the future.

The Thrill of the ride!

It’s a common misconception that electric vehicles are slow clunky cars with bulky batteries, sluggish acceleration, and low driving range. All of these myths are easily debunked. Hybrid engines are becoming extremely popular in the supercars of tomorrow. Cars such as the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the Tesla Roadster are redefining the limits of speeds that road cars can achieve.

If you are fond of a little bling, you can also accessorize these electric vehicles with various compatible accessories & equipment. A local car decor shop would help you or you can prefer online shopping in Qatar with discount offers on battery upgrades, music systems, cooling systems, interior styling, and utilities. The appeal of electric vehicles is in the superior driving experience that they are providing for reasonable prices.

Motivator of Innovation:

The most important way that electric vehicles are changing the world is by convincing us to innovate. As more and more companies are pouring funds and talent into the research and development of electric vehicles, it is not only taking the technological field forward but is also paving the way for other critically progressive technologies such as self-driving cars and clean energy. The power to harness the minds of innovators and their passion to keep creating is the true achievement.

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Electric Vehicles have grown a lot and have changed a lot. From bulky carriages of batteries to sleek metallic hybrids, they are defining a new chapter for the world’s technological growth. With climate protection and the impending threat of depleting fossil fuels being mankind’s primary concern, electric vehicles are definitely our Eureka to fight back and heal a grieving Mother Earth. The way forward is with technological development and not sticking with the time-tested machines of yesterday.

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