What does it take to become an iOS Developer?

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Getting these sort of queries has higher probability- being a developer it is easy, you have an open environment to select any field as the main stream but choosing a specific field from starting can be little difficult because you’re not eventually flexible to start withany developing stage and thus you’re already rigid to one – i.e. iOS developer. But if that’s your dream then live it, you might face several problem in way regarding coding, language issue and even job issue. But this won’t be that much difficult like fighting on border.

There are three aspects as being an iOS developer. This career is complex and can take time to perfect, so do not panic if you’re still unable to grasp it fully. you’ve a good start; viewers who already have some knowledge and understanding regarding this can continue further with rest stages but the viewers reading this haven’t yet starting working on iOS developer career should any how start by now, to reach the stage where company will die to pay you what you ask. Yet it’s not late you can sit and drive it again. But what crucial is learn, learn and learn, you have to updated with certain parameters in language and should know new features and updating so that you’re sorted while very version of the programming language and thus you have power to stay in the company. The company will hire another candidate in order he knows the newer version and you’ll be retired.

There are several aspects of being an iOS developer at high level, however it takes long years to get perfect, but it’s fine don’t worry.

  • The first aspect of being an iOS developer is programming

For being an iOS developer it is requisite that you know what is swift. Swift is a programming language which is used for the development in iOS. If you say you know swiftthat’s fine, but however swift is only a programming language. Programming is more than just understanding the features of any language. To be a programmer there are different layers of knowledge which you need to process:

  1. You are supposed to know the basics of programming, this includes of course swift and its basic functionality like control flows, loops, collections, classes, functions and etc. The most important thing is to understand the reason behind the problems and how can you solve as soon as possible.
  2. You must know object oriented programming, practically it is known as OOPs. So go beyond with just titles or sub-titles try to understand this subject in deep, this will help you to construct the solutions faster and easier. Because behind every code there is logic which is built within the boundary of OOPs so prepare yourselfwith every necessary topic.

Also you need to know the data structures and algorithms. Concepts like regression, sorting, binary search, linked lists, stacks, queues, tress and etc. Have been the major part of the code which solves the complex problem from many years. Getting in touch with these topics are crucial to get your hands dirty with professional iOS developer. If you know the basics even theoretically then implementing it practically won’t be difficult.

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NOTE: A company never see a fresher in the character of professional, what it sees is the clarity in basic concepts and fundamentals. And the rest the company will make you teach and learn according to their requirements.

  • The second aspect of being an iOS developer is knowing iOS itself

Knowing the iOS is crucial, know the fundamental concepts of the platform- like how it works, the design patterns and know what are those most important fundamental parts. iOS is big and complex in nature but you don’t need to know this in deep. Just only pick the parts of iOS what you may need at the moment.

But however for sure you’re asked to know the foundations which are common to all iOS app. With these concepts you will get an help to expand your brain size regarding the problem more easily.

  • The third aspect is what surrounds iOS development

This is an optional aspect which is less important in terms of the above two aspects. This is more towards computer science knowledge. Suppose you’re calling a web API, it helps to know how internet works, what is DNS, what is HTTP protocol and etc. Might be you will know more about databases and how operating system works.

iOS has never been a wrong option to go for a career perspective and thus if you’re really good at coding and know the basics and have the understanding to solve complex problems sooner then there’re many opportunities waiting for you. Work hard to learn swift, learn iOS in deep, get familiar with its components, tools, and frameworks, and most important try to be practical all time. For every problem do not directly jump to smaller action, take time and think the reality, think it practically with all basic and foremost diversions, and then reach the optimal solution.

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