Best Dedicated Server Italy for Gaming Websites: Serverwala Review

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The main issue that everyone faces while playing games is lagging of games and not having good performances. Because of server issues, you get problems like lagging, slow page load speed, loss of their data, and many more.

Here, Serverwala offers a solution for Italy-based clients to host their gaming sites on a reliable, stable, and faster server with the Best Dedicated Server Italy. Because of a Dedicated Server, your online game does not lag and the ping of the game will not be high. Now your site is ready to play a game with a very smooth and faster speed.

This article introduces you to the best-dedicated servers for your gaming sites and walks you through the benefits provided by Serverwala.

Why a Dedicated Server is Required for Gaming?

When we play online games, there are multiple players that play on the server. It affects the flexibility of the game. Every game server has a host and a client.

  1. Host: Who shares the data with all players and keeps the synchronization of the game.
  2. Client: Users that are connected to the server through the host and have no responsibility to take care of the server.

We can say the host is a player also who hosts the online game and handles:

  • Location of all the players
  • All players activities
  • Loadouts
  • Player interactions
  • All the physics that is happening around.
  • Rules of the game and main important Scores.

Since a lot of players are connected to the server, the host needs more processing, RAM, storage, and more flexibility of the game. Other hosting solutions do not give enough resources to run the game fluently. If the host has a weak system then the game suffers from lagging, the site will crash, and maybe you can also experience virus attacks.

So, Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Italy is the best option to solve your problems with your gaming site. In dedicated servers, all players have more computing power and reliable connection to the server, so that the game does not lag. The admin has the freedom to customize the server.

An Italy Dedicated Server is important for online gaming platforms that have high workloads, such as:

  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Satisfactory
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Valheim
  • Rust
  • ARMA
  • Kingdoms Rise
  • Primal Carnage

A Dedicated Server Hosting in Italy is a popular option among gaming companies that want to create a steady atmosphere for the players. However, a player can also set up the server and play with a private online environment.

Serverwala – Best Dedicated Server Italy Provider

Serverwala is one of the ultimate web hosting providers. It provides the Best Dedicated Server Italy at an affordable price, so you can maximize your business with supreme security. Serverwala provides a broad range of features with its Dedicated Server in Italy that offers the benefits of using unlimited resources for your business sites.

Serverwala is the one-stop solution to reach new hikes with their web hostings. From small to high anyone can buy Italy Dedicated Server Hosting to grow their businesses, you can even transfer your VPS server to Dedicated Servers. It is used as a devoted Dedicated Hosting, so you are the sole user of the server. Serverwala presents the Best features for your Dedicated Server in Italy and they are as follows.

High Security

An Italy-based Dedicated Server is a kind of infrastructure where you own the whole server, not just the space. There is not any obligation to share your server or space with hundreds of users, unlike in shared hostings. No other user uses the features that you have which will eventually reduce the risk of data loss, viruses, and malware attacks. Hence, Best Dedicated Server Italy provides you with great security and safety for your sites. In addition to that, you can put plenty number of layers of defense to protect your website which is mandatory for gaming sites.

Full Authority

With Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Italy, you get full authority of the server. You can customize the hardware and configure the server as per your gaming requirements. You can also have more access to resources like memory, bandwidth, and others for faster processing. For extra resources, you just let your Dedicated Server Italy provider know about your necessities.

Unique IP Address

If you have a unique IP address for your gaming server then it means other functioning websites will not affect it. With a unique IP address, your website crashes time gets decreased and you faster speed. You also have a private SSL certificate with The Best Dedicated Server Italy.

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High-Level Customization

With the Best Dedicated Server Italy, you are allowed to set the rules and regulations of the game as you are the admin. You can choose what type of RAM and bandwidth is suitable for your gaming purpose. The server admin has the freedom that typically other hostings do not allow to have. From editing in the gaming server and changing the maps, you are free to customize every part of it.

Serverwala Provides Cheap Dedicated Server Plans in Italy

Generally, people ignore dedicated servers due to the heavy prices it has. But Serverwala presents the ultimate solution to this problem. Serverwala’s Italy Dedicated Server comes with minimum price plans to provide their customers with the best quality services. They provide budget-friendly packages to all their customers and their packages have a variety of bandwidths, RAM, and CPUs.Their plans start from $305 for one month, you can also buy a one-year subscription that starts from $1656. Serverwala has the Cheap Dedicated Server Italy plans that meet the prerequisites of the customers. Have a glance at their Best Dedicated Server Italy plans.


From this article, maybe now you have understood why is dedicated server is important for gaming sites and how it will ease the difficulties of having a bad experience with prior hostings. Hence, here Serverwala presents their Best Dedicated Servers Italy to ease your problems and provide you with a dedicated server that fulfills your gaming requirements from hosting. Serverwala’s Dedicated Server services are available 24/7 hours with well-skilled technicians that deliver the top solution to all your issues.

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