Cohesive TeamWork for Goal achievement

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With changing times, organizations have had to realign their strategies, goals, and work formats. Newer norms of living, working, connecting to people, and organizations & teams have emerged out of sheer necessity. As remote working becomes the norm and people stay productive while working from home, leaders are trying to build efficiencies and drive business continuity to ensure that situations come back to pre-Covid levels. Developing a fully coordinated, organizational response that works is crucial before changing established norms. It also means a change in mindset for teams – everyone has to adapt to newer ways of living and working. 

This is easier said than done. With teams spread across homes – scattered, working remotely, and no immediate solution to the pandemic insight, organizational goals need to be clarified and efficiency needs to be monitored and team collaborations need to increase. Driving remotely located teams, collaborating, and managing the resources in a cohesive, formative manner needs to be an essential function – this will lead to outcomes as required. Let’s look at some ways to develop teamwork as a mainstream function: 

Coordination helps streamline Teams: 

As people work out of homes and remotely, they may end up working in silos – often at cross purposes. The leader’s responsibility is to make sure that everyone is focusing on given tasks, has all the equipment required, and that they are on the same page.

It takes a team to deliver a task, towards realizing a goal, and the sooner they all function in a coordinated manner, to resolve issues and close tasks, the faster the targets will be achieved. Regular communication, updates, fast phone calls – all these mean that course correction can be done if required and progress can be charted on a regular, pre-determined basis. This is quite different from working in an office environment – now, more coordination and communication is needed. Regular feedback, monitoring outcomes, and setting milestones help to ensure that objectives are achieved.

Instilling a Culture of dialogue for empowerment:

different team members will have different ideas and suggestions – which may often be the solution to a problem. This is the time to encourage everyone to put forward their points of view and discuss them as solutions rather than a point of view. 

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As businesses encourage dialogue, regular discussions, and feedback, they will move into the loop structure, where everyone is on the same page, to start with. As ideas that help to drive efficiencies emerge from discussions, it motivates others to come up with their own ideas and most importantly, share those ideas.

Leaders have to seize these ideas, give credit, and action them. Empowering the person concerned and sharing this culture will drive the pace of cooperation faster. So team members will speak up, question norms, and become frank. – all this is part of an empowered culture. Nothing builds teams like sharing and nothing works better than empowering.   

Staying calm under every situation: 

Leaders know just how lonely it can get – they carry the expectations of employees, the business, the customers, and the market on their shoulders. it’s all very well when the organization is working smoothly, the teams are performing well and the sales figures are doing well, with the customers happy. But let 1 thing go wrong and it’s the leader everyone points fingers at. Hence leaders need to stay calm, cool, and focused. Knowing that there will be days when things will go wrong and there will be difficult circumstances. When the leaders appear calm and in control, the teams take their lead accordingly – responding well to the crisis and doing what needs to be done. The crisis of Covid-19 made LegalWiz. begin a partners portal and offer Instamojo discount coupons for SMEs. The future will breed the culture of responding calmly and staying in control, rather than letting the situation control you. This is an essential factor in driving teams close together, cohesively, and helping team bonding.


For organizations looking to ensure business continuity, there can be one vital component that they need to include in their planning. that is the cohesiveness of teams and team spirit. approaches to build efficiencies of the teams can be carried on and the team spirit grows along with the results of teamwork. it is a known fact that well-knit cohesive teams respond better to issues, problems, and uncertainties – resulting in more positive, well-positioned, and growing organizations. Leaders across business genres need to recognize this potent advantage and mainstream it in organizational strategies and culture.

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