History Of JavaScript And Everything That Beginners Should Know About It

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JavaScript has undoubtedly become one of the most popular programming languages. Tech or no tech, everyone has heard this name at least once in their lifetime. Since its birth, the increasing improvements in technology have continuously made it more and more popular. And today, it has become a classic programming language that is an essential part of technology development. But where did it come from, and how can one learn it? Does it have a career? How much can you earn as a JavaScript developer in the US? 

What Is JavaScript, And Why Is It So Important? 

JavaScript is an exceptionally powerful scripting language that we can use to improve the interaction between the web page and the user. This way, you can make your webpage look more attractive, interactive, and lively. The language is also widely popular in mobile application development and game development industries. Today, you can spot the implementation of JavaScript in diverse fields, including gaming, robotics, server development, and web development. Angular, ReactJS, and other popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries have scaled exceptionally in the last few years. Companies like HBO, Uber, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Paypal use JavaScript and its frameworks to create their products.  https://www.lifeofcoding.com/

If you plan to become a web developer later or want to have a career in the technology department, you must learn JavaScript. Over the years, it has become a classic, and without proper knowledge of JavaScript, you will find it extremely hard to settle in and get job opportunities. Since most tech companies and developers use JavaScript to fit in and find ease in your work, learning this programming language should be your top priority. 

The History Of Javascript

In 1995, Brenton Rich wrote JavaScript in only ten days. At that time, he was an employee for Netscape and was busy with the implementation of Java, a hot browser buzzword. However, Brenton innovated a new programming language that was seemingly easier, and it was called MOCHA. The idea behind this innovation was that by using MOCHA for smaller scripting tasks, they could reserve and specify Java for component, professional, and prominent writers. Later, MOCHA was renamed and transformed into LightScript, and eventually, this name turned into JavaScript. This new name was a very straightforward and effective marketing strategy. Its purpose was to get better, wider recognition and more acceptance in public. 

In 1996, ECMA standards took hold of JavaScript and created an official language that anyone could use. In 1997, they launched ECMAscript 1 (or ES1), and in 1998, they launched ES2. Finally, in 1999, they launched ES3. A decade later, in 2009, they launched their next release. Between 1999 to 2009, JavaScript underwent many amazing innovations and improvements done by people outside ES. Many frameworks for JavaScript, including Mootools, dojo, jQuery, prototype, and ajax, came into the market and made programming much more manageable and accessible. When ES standard5 was released in 2009, it accompanied NodeJS, allowing programmers to write complete applications in the JavaScript language easily. Later, Node Package Manager (NPM) came into the market and installed reusable code bits in libraries. In 2015, manufacturers released ES6. By this time, JavaScript was already immensely popular and was the most in-demand programming language. 

Does JavaScript Have A Career? 

Since JavaScript is so in-demand and widely popular, developers who excel and specialise in this language also have better benefits. JavaScript developers are some of the highest-earning tech employees and have the best salaries in the technological field. As of March 2021, an average JavaScript developer could earn $86,000 every year or $21 every hour in the USA. According to a recent analysis, 72% of tech companies are currently looking for JavaScript developers. In fact, a HackerRank report found that JavaScript has a global demand that outweighs any other expertise. If you are worried about whether the need and opportunities for JavaScript developers will go down over time, it does not seem likely. Considering how popular the language is and the improvement that it has seen over the years, it’ll be decades before we see a decline in its popularity. 

How To Learn Javascript

There are two ways you can learn JavaScript: 

  • Get admission in an institution to get a degree

If you want to become a professional web developer, you can opt for subjects, colleges, and institutes that will help you accomplish that goal. Early in life, if you know you want to become a tech expert later, you can choose your educational path accordingly. 

  • Take a short course privately

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to get enrolled in an institute, but you want to learn the javascript programming language. In such a case, both free and paid online courses are available for you. You can hire a teacher for one-on-one in-person classes and courses, or you could join an online school or academy that teaches groups of people at a time. You can also choose to learn online by either connecting with the teacher online or watching pre-recorded tutorials. 

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Depending on your budget and your willingness to spend on learning, you can opt for a free and paid education. Many tech experts and JavaScript developers provide material, resources, and information online for free. Social media platforms, educational websites, and personal blogs have everything you need to know about learning this skill. Moreover, some individual online academies and institutes teach JavaScript by being paid. You can pay to get access to their resources and materials and even become a member for future access as well. 

In Conclusion

JavaScript has come a long way from when Brenton first made it. However, its importance has only grown, and the future looks bright for this programming language. It is continuously evolving and will continue to do so in the following decades to come. If you are interested in learning JavaScript, you can choose a course and take lessons from an expert online or in person. Remember: don’t be intimidated. Even the best JavaScript developers were once where you are now.

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