5 trends which are going to be the future of Web Development

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Web development- a never-ending field to earn and learn, people who choose to live in this field are likely to be in higher no. than any other coding field. Web development was running for many years in the trend and is still running and we all know that it will run till the end.

Things can change, technologies can change, even coding languages can change but developing websites is not going to change. As the world is becoming digital website or web portal has become a common platform for all to contact and done their tasks, whether it’s learning, reading, or even buying something.

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Everything is done through a framework which is a website and that is developed by web developers. So one thing is very clear that this field is not going to extinct and if you’re choosing this as a career then you’re going for them right away. Because now the things have changed in development also. They’re also using python and other programming languages that are used for AI and thus chatbots used on websites are built with AI technology only.

So with time, our web development phase is also transforming which is good for all. So let us know the top 5 trends which is going to change the future of web development.

  • UI animation

UI animations are commonly referred to as motion UI, which is a SaaS library that is being used in CSS. However responsive web designs are in the market for some time, so what everyone expects in the near future is something that is larger than just being responsive. UI animations allow the developer to create more attractive, unique, and animated designs that add value to the normal website. This technology is busy and finding newer methods to implement motion UI is much more easy and efficient way.

  • PHP 7

PHP doesn’t required any introduction, it has been using from far and is the most preferred programming language for backend as the development of web. The language has proved a lot from many years, more than you imagine with its latest version that’s 7.0. although this deal was the last year trend but yet many from us are still unaware about this.

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The Laravel 5.x is the framework which is used in PHP7, this offers you with ready solutions that makes the work less complex and takes the task a lot easier than before. The open-source framework has a large online community, and making you less worry for any issues regarding web apps.

  • Virtual reality WordPress site

We have already stepped into VR (Virtual Reality), which is always fascinated with its research. And the same scene is going on in the case of web development. VR is going to change the way we think to communicate and interact with the world.

Implementing VR in the world of web development supports huge libraries; E-commerce websites have already enabled their consumers to interact with the products and stuffs which create an all new experience for them. VR is supported by WordPress in the sites, we expect to see spreading the use of VR in web design also.

  • Card designs

Using card based designs as a fundamental material from Google, is a piece of content which indulges text, video or even images; these are broken down into separate cards which allows a user to shift through site. The UI card allows to show you the larger amount of data into a single piece of card. Also the UI card is a perfect blend when mobile responsive designs works best on tablets and various other browsers. Cards also allows businessesto build systems which develop data and includes various filters and sorting options for specific needs of users.

  • Automated coding

It itself looks relaxing- when the things are automated; and especially when we’re talking about coding, it gives us a deep relaxation from inside. It is based on the principles of AI and can do wonders in developing your web strategy. Due to the buzzword AI, many companies have launched a DIY website builder that builds your website without even doing coding; just the drag and drop feature is used.

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This feature builds a website for you with just a few inputs. But many of the researchers say that utilizing AI in the field of web development can prove to be a threat to web developers. But according to the real statistics, this has been proven wrong.

What you think do AI will replace human design and intelligence? Well, probably one time can come even when robots will be our bosses because after all we’re giving them that much of power to think, make a decision and now we’re also giving the understanding like humans and feelings like us. So might be one day it may happen but that day is way long so do not think about this.

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